Synernet - Maine Health
Who We Are

The Story

The company was founded by T. J. Cloutier and is a second generation privately held corporation.  We’ve been a data driven direct mail communications leader for more than 30 years and attribute our success to the passionate pursuit of making lasting connections. We love the strategy, the technology and the tactics and have developed a team-focused approach to customizing communications that is all about developing relevancy of message. As a family-run business (the three top executives are siblings) we make it a point to hire bright people who share our passion for making connections that build relationships—that have lasting value.

We collaborate to understand and then use what we learn to create and execute communications that deliver and maximize ROI. While we are large enough to house the latest technologies and handle the most complex mail campaigns including on and off-line personalization, we maintain a small business mentality. That is to say we treat each one of our clients businesses as if it were our own. We do not waste contact opportunities or dollars – each are precious resources in and of themselves.